The Coach

Thus, the coach creates the necessary conditions for positive changes in clients' lives. Themselves, these changes provides the client. Reasons for which the client accesses the services of a coach can be very different. Someone has set a specific goal and want to find the best way to achieve it. Someone wants to find a solution to any problems in life.

Someone wants to become more effective and successful in life. People come to coaching when they want positive change in their lives, they want to achieve more than they have now. Of course, you can do it yourself. But with the coach it will be much more efficiently and quickly. Problem to be solved in the process of coaching sessions, always determines the client.

The client appoints the theme coaching session, and formulates the problem, determine the results that he wants to achieve. Coach him this only helps. During the session the coach should always be the same for the client's interests. Of course, in order to effectiveness of the session to ensure that there were no large deviations from the originally selected by the client direction. To this end, the coach maintains a pattern, a model of the session. But, nevertheless, customer interest for the coach is in first place. Should the coach have expertise in the area in which he conducts coaching? It is not necessary. The fact that the coach does not advise, do not share knowledge, do not give advice, but merely asking questions. And the only area in which he really should be an expert – is coaching. Of course, if the coach has expertise in any other field, he can share them, but only if the client wants.