If you write the pending word on Google, you have many chances of finding hanging of crosses or hearts topping the list. If you scroll down, however, you can view many sites about the star of David, which occupies third place in the most popular pending word search in search engines. There are good reasons why the star of David is one of the most sought after jewelry in the world. Jewish men and women are not only increasingly proud of their religion and their tradition, but that even non-Jews have begun to learn more about the force, the power and symbolism of the star of David, very likely through resurgence of the Kabbalah. The rise of the star of David this symbol is also called the Magen David, or shield of David, and consists of a six pointed star, taking all parties and probes its own important meaning. Going back in time, records show that in ancient Hebrew, the name David is composed of three letters: Dalet, Vav and Dalet. a>. The Hebrews used them to write the word Dalet in the symbol of a triangle. Two triangles together form a six pointed star, that David was used as signature.

Some historians say that the upper triangle pointing upwards, is a symbol of the efforts of man to reach God, while the lower triangle, connect the man to the real thing and the physical world. Some say that the two triangles represent also the opposing forces of good and evil, spiritual and physical, God and man. This popular symbol is not only important in the Jewish tradition, but in other religions also is it. The star of David was also associated with Christianity, since this six-pointed symbol is used to represent the birth of Jesus Christ. In the Bible, it is written that the three Magi (wise men), they followed a star to find the newborn King.