Internet Services

In this article I will try to answer the basic questions that are worth paying attention when the pick up service, which should be responsible for the automation of sales and maintaining customer base. I think that this list will be relevant for the choice of other systems, whether company or hosting service to store files, or any other SaS system. Here's my list of necessary service requirements. Ability to work in demo mode without registering Many system not offer opportunities of acquaintance with the system without registering or worse, when the system is not offered free of charge with the system. Here, I'm not talking about totally free access and the possibility of free use of a certain period of time (say, 1 month). Or opportunity that provides a service (free use of the service for users of 2-x). Pleasant and intuitive interface which is in initially, will be understood without the use of the help pages and sections of FAQ. Functional Service functional service shall meet the needs of the business you want to keep using the selected tool and that demo mode or free use of the service will allow it to understand the process of work and if you want to go on paid fares.

The cost rates for use of the service of course the issue of price in times of crisis still remains important, although not a SaS service does not require a large lump-sum payment, as is the case with desktop applications, the price is set. Development of the system Any system must develop and keep pace with the times and technology, so when choosing a system and pay attention to this not unimportant factor. Who does not develop and does not look to the future is doomed to failure. Technical support is another important factor when choosing a system. Personally, my opinion is that the response to a request for technical support site, should be not more than 12 hours, although this is much, however if you do not send the request after midnight. In general, optimal when reaction occurs within 2-3 hours. I think I was able to cover the main points that you should pay attention when choosing a service. Should not rush, take the only option that allows you to never return to such a question.