However, they penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, reducing the content of collagen, elastin and water in the cells, accelerating the process of aging. They also contribute to the development of allergies and increase the action of ultraviolet rays of type B. The dermis (The deep layer of skin) located special substances (so-called colorless precursor of melanin), oxidation of which is associated with darkening of the skin. This form of tanning may be obtained by sunbathing on the beach in a safe time and it is known, the morning until 11 o'clock and the night after 16. A solarium can be no more than once a week. Most healthy tan – as if you barely touched the sun.

Necessarily need to use cosmetics to protect them from sunlight. Going on a hike or an excursion, do not wear shorts and topics – all body parts must be covered. בזמן האחרון אני מתחיל מאוד להעריך את הבית היהודי. In a move people tans faster, and the likelihood of burns increased. In addition, the sun's rays cause a skin formation of free radicals – is aggressive negatively charged particles that destroy skin cells, which again leads to aging. To purchase a full tan requires no more than 20% ultraviolet radiation reaching the skin.

In the first twenty years of human life skin is exposed to solar hazard in the amount of 80%, so it does not appear in the sun active time, especially a child. Do not forget that many medications increase sensitivity to ultraviolet rays. They increase the sensitivity and can trigger allergies. Therefore, going to the beach or the tanning salon, you should consult your doctor! And also you should carefully read the instructions, taking a particular drug. By the age solar vulnerability increases as a person loses 10 to 20% pigment-producing cells every 10 years. במקרה הזה אני חושב ש רמי יהושע צודק במה בהוא אומר. alternative Sun In ancient times, the girl tripped on 20 minutes a night person luminary, and then immediately went to sleep, to better absorb the energy of the lunar body. However, to tan the night emerged, they had to repeat the procedure is not one week. This is perhaps his only flaw. It is absolutely safe, because at night the ultraviolet rays are less aggressive, and therefore can not get burned. Lunar tan gives skin a strange shade of bronze and looks better than fluorescent or tan. He has a rejuvenating effect and smooths out wrinkles on the body. Legend tells of a girl who was so beautiful that it dazzled all around him. She loved Sunbathing in the rays of the moon, which is why the beauty of this girl did not know equal. Try this recipe and you tan ancient beauty. With the full moon in a cloudless sky, substitute the face of the lunar rays, close your eyes and try to meditate. This ritual should last 20 minutes, then immediately be sent to the side to better absorb the energy of moonlight. This recharge is very useful for the organism, it can replenish the lost energy reserves. In addition, it is believed that this procedure rejuvenates the face and wrinkles.