Souvenirs And Gifts

Business Gifts – This category is intended for souvenirs or already held potential business partners. The main objective of these gifts is to attract and maintain interest in the company, and as simply an expression of good location for a business partner. Such gifts are also known as business gifts. They are presented with, in particular, on business vstrechah.Odnako be aware that business should not be a souvenir spread too widely – it is better to limit the target audience and partners may have its own employees. For business gifts also include corporate gifts for employees of his company.

Options such a great variety of gifts – from calendars, pens, diaries and logs to baseball caps, t-shirts and umbrellas. VIP-souvenirs It's exclusive and most expensive gifts that are often created in a single copy. These gifts may be expensive vase, handles with inlay, statues, glass, porcelain. The main feature of VIP-gift is their exclusivity and uniqueness. The significance of factors such as functionality, quality, price and prestige souvenir varies depending on the purpose of advertising. When choosing promotional gifts play an important role for money and functionality, and availability on items large enough area for Application logo.

When buying business gifts and VIP-souvenirs you first need to pay attention to the prestige and quality, and then the price and functionality. Of course, attaches great importance to the appearance of gift, as well as how, where and what it was made, Souvenirs is divided into several groups: Stationery – in this section include: plastic and metal pens, multifunction pens, writing sets, wood kits, pencils, markers, computer accessories, telephone accessories, photo frames, covers for CD, calculators, business card holders, diaries, notebooks, calendars. Items to be distributed – anti-stress toys, key rings, magnets, microphones for phones, key rings, wallets, lanyards, school supplies, puzzles, Textile – T-shirts, caps, shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, coats jackets T-shirts, hats, clothes custom-tailored jackets. Charms – charms in the form of a flashlight, bottle openers, key chains, tape, flash memory, laser pointers, calculators, a USB memory stick, search for wireless internet, USB port for flash Cases cards. Handbags – purses, leather goods, leather briefcases, bags for conferences, plastic folders and briefcases, backpacks, travel bags. Tool kits – knives, box cutters, flashlights, tape measures, auto accessories, reflective Accessories, Schwarzwolf, VICTORINOX, tools, Office and stationery – coasters, folders, disketnitsy, business card holders, plaques, pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, mouse pads. Genuine – in this section includes unusual gifts, custom-made for those seeking fresh and original ideas. Jubilee – gifts made in the form of numbers of age-appropriate celebrant, cups, certificates, commemorative items subjects. VIP-tend to be expensive gifts: pens with gold or inlaid with precious stones, cups, custom-made glass and fine wood, porcelain. Crockery – cups, ceramic, metal termokruzhki, glasses, wine glasses, wine glasses, tea couples, beer glasses, ashtrays, ceramic ashtray made of glass, metal ashtrays. Interior – Wall and table clocks, plastic wall clock with an alarm clock, weather station clock, clock with thermometer and hygrometer, vases cups. Advertising Agency DeCor