Power Engineer

I'm new Power Engineer's hand, whispering behind my back, "Wow, they together?" My power engineer turns his head and whispering answers proudly, that we are together that he had love and I want to swallow, shut up, shut up, what you are, together, we only evening! For you Power Engineer, still do not understand? Eye-catching cans zavistnits, and my physical interest is growing, and now the soft bed and a couple of cocktails kill where the morning do not want to wake up. Why? I wanted to. And if I'm here return, it will mark a sign that I'm doing stupid again, I'm starting to think that I'm doing every day more and more stupid. And he is happy. It seems even in love.

And why not? And why would not fall in love with a great blond blue-eyed miracle of the two higher educations third the size, and even with the brain and in language, ha ha, so parents and show no fear and just appreciate the friends and the ability to cook a tasty beats all doubt. AND has managed the same as I plunge. Every night his car was under my window. I put a smile on your face and shining eyes in love, I can not deny a person a fortune. Long night, we go everywhere together and start to talk, that we all seriously. Ha ha, you're kidding? We? Yes in my life was is and will be a best man – my dad, but this young man I simply allowed to stand near. Spends money on me, covered with gifts, shouting that he loves, and here recently said that if I go, it will not be responsible for their actions, because I'm in his life … it stomps. It's temporary! Yes, I do not want in a registry office, and what promised? Stop! It is now I can hear my voice? And he says "yes"? Yes to me and more white dress, throw the bouquet, he was there, happy, my husband began to turn … and it's all a misunderstanding, but why destroy a beautiful picture, the photos in this album is it clear that I can be unhappy, this procedure, it should be, and such thoughts became clearer, and not like a gray wall, slept together, and suddenly he goes to another? I do not care, it's pride in me? Or I love him? And then if I chose the right bank? No, the right bank of the nose and the curve haircut I did not like, at this point my left coast turns to the other side, and in this happiness, so it had to be under my feet no longer path. Asphalt or something …

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