Middle Kingdom

Only who knows the Customs and uses that success in China. "So one who writes a guide of" It even has experienced. Who has worked in China, who knows how one lives, buys and celebrates. Who has wrestled with the bureaucracies of two countries and also know what nonsense usually in peppy (Manager) counselors. Especially about China." So Ralf Julke in the Leipziger Internet newspaper writes about the new work by Hannes Eisenmann "What managers across China should know". ילי בהחלט מבין את הסיפור. "China is already a global player on the world market.

Large corporations doing business – or balbiert on the spoon. Eisenmann, who admittedly again under pseudonym writes, because it is just more complicated and a clear Word can lead to fierce resentment on both sides, knows China, knows the breaks, the country has experienced in the last 20 years. And he knows the mentality of the Chinese, not only "invented under Mao", but has to do a lot with Confucius. The boy, who lived about 2,500 years ago, knew in the Middle Kingdom, knew as bureaucracy works such as rulers and their Satraps tick. And he wrote it not only commendable rules to the art of living. He also knew that man is not just noble, useful and good.

But full of errors and uncertainties. One learns what it, the other indulges the self-interest. And it's just not the usually come, that the cautious and forward-looking in the responsible offices. Rather the exception. Also in China. What does so? -A few rules could help. And the rules of Confucius have made the former China, which resembled the decadent Rome in the late Imperial period in some ways, a better China. Confucius – although not a founder – is still regarded as moral scale and Advisor for the Chinese. And he warns to be careful. "If you see a worthy, then seek to emulate him. If you see an unworthy, then check you in your interior!" With a little thinking also shows: Manager from the West have very similar rules – but rather never talk about it. And if they are caught doing, do they so like everything in the butter is. Probably, Chinese have exactly such problems in dealing with the German culture. Only this is currently more of a casual theme: there are German companies that want to achieve a lot in China. It is so not smart management book that looks good on the Office shelf, but rather a small textbook for those who seriously break up after China. And now, it would be even more fascinating to read how a Chinese man has experienced the depths of German culture and way of life. So sure, you shouldn't be that it alone has the best of all possible cultures, after reading this book. Neither East nor West of the river Elbe." Hannes Eisenmann, "Ehren(s)werter business friend…" What should know Manager about China", ISBN 978-3-86901-956-7, 2010, Engelsdorfer Publisher, price: 12,00 EUR review copies you order using Tino Hemmann company description the Engelsdorfer Publishing House based in Leipzig published books and eBooks almost all genres. Company contact: Engelsdorfer Verlag Kerstin Rost honeycomb s first breed 25 03429 Leipzig phone: 0341 27118720 E-Mail: Web: