Kornfeld Sleep

The normal sleep is characterized by relaxed muscle tone and lack of voluntary reactions to the external environment. Dream translates a series of concomitant changes of organic devices. כדי להרחיב אופקים, כדאי לבקר באתר של השר אורי אריאל . For example the circulatory checks a decrease in the number of beats, which reaches the minimum between one and five in the morning. At the same time there is a slowing of cardiac contraction. The speed of blood wave appears notably diminished, while the arterial pulse is delayed with respect to the heart. Regional distribution of blood during sleep does not seem to be modified significantly (appearing secondary, as the brain swelling, and erections facts). As it relates to the vasomotor reaction time, it visibly increases to reach the maximum with the morning dream. לא תמיד רמי יהושע.

Blood pressure decreases (according to Kornfeld). Transient variations in meaning of an increase are recorded at the beginning and at the end of the dream. Respiratory modifications suffer a decrease offset with greater amplitude of thoracic movements which ensures the Hematite. Breathing becomes slower, and relatively more rapid exhalation. Inspirational muscles, relax, do the end-expiratory longer.

Which is sharpest at first, taking a character of shaking which sometimes has a dream. Another secondary phenomenon of relaxation of the muscle tone is snoring. The snoring depends on obstruction that makes the Palatine veil relaxed air that penetrates through the half-open mouth. The exhalation of carbonic acid is reduced to half or the third according to cases. The respiratory quotient decreased with accumulation of oxygen in the blood; making sure the energy reserves of this gas to the metabolism of the body. The loss of water through the skin, diminishes in the dream. The apparent sweat increases during sleep by external circumstances, such as the clothes of bed, closed place, etc). Likewise decreases the pulmonary exhalation; lacrimal secretion is less than during wakefulness, accompanied by corneal dryness; which causes the conjunctival itching that occurs upon awakening. There is also reduction of salivary secretion; It decreases urine output, this is explained by the decrease in blood pressure and decubitus (position in bed). Overnight lower amount of chlorine, (component of urine) is removed during the day. It is known that dream represents a process of detoxification and thus repair. In the health section, you will find an article that will teach you to know your own cycle of sleep to eliminate tiredness and regain energy; In addition to other items of proven quality: computing, sports, entertainment, painting, languages and more.