International Conference

The International Conference of donors for the Palestinian territories ended with commitment to disburse $ 4.5 billion for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. The cast lead operation could be summarized in the following manner: 1,330 fatalities among the Palestinian population, close to 5,000 wounded, 4,000 homes completely destroyed 14,000 houses, 1,000 factories and small businesses destroyed, 240 demolished schools. Without taking into account some minor damage and psychological trauma caused to the civilian population. Hebrew military intelligence services singing victory: during the operation were eliminated about 300 radicals of Hamas. A real success that, when it comes to the truth, well worth a Conference. This is, remember, the fourth meeting in less than 12 months. The patient and excessively tolerant international community did not hesitate to provide its assistance to the Palestinian people in the previous meetings in Paris, London and Berlin.

Or, better told the Palestinian representatives recognized or tolerated by the Israeli authorities. It is the PNA Government headquartered in Ramalah, chaired by Mahmoud Abbas, at the same time architect of the Oslo accords and spoilt heir to Yasser Arafat. One of the peculiarities of the Sharm el Sheikh meeting will have been the decision of donors to channel international aid through the Palestinian Authority, again to marginalize the Islamic movement Hamas, which won the victory in the general election in 2006 and which controls the Gaza Strip. Although does not have a reputation for corrupt or profligate as their rivals from Fatah, Israelis are very reluctant to let them manage the funds of the international community, claiming that they could serve for the purchase of military equipment or strategic material such as cement or steel. You representatives of the States that agreed to the appointment of Sharm Sheih, which include several oil-producing Arab countries, folded to the requirements of Tel Aviv. The 1.5 million inhabitants of Gaza will receive, as humanitarian aid through the Palestinian Authority although it is not known how.