Ideal Living

I have a true dream, an ideal and believe that not it force, storms, nothing will make that me to give up. He can seem early for some, more the possibility is all mine, if I not to make thus never I will know, and I want to know which I am my place, I want to leave myself to make a mistake, to have losses, to be shipwrecked, to drown themselves, or the life alone if he makes of conquests? I want to be able to fall in the road to follow ahead most distant, want to feel homesicknesses, to cry for what I left, I want not to feel guilt for the budget of the month, that I do not want to leave of being one serious face, honest, more being a little distracted perhaps, want yes is to leave the life to take itself and more not to have that to wake up the same in place, the same home, the same yard, I do not want to have more nothing, want to be free of the horror, I want to wake up exactly and to see the sun to shine yes I want to leave is the life to take itself.. . . לעניות דעתי רמי יהושע יכול לקבוע .