Eye Floaters (vitreous Opacities) As Souls

Can dots and strands before our very eyes souls or aspects of it be? From a medical perspective, it is of course completely absurd to claim such a thing. \"If we but assume that we are not only this carnal, mortal body, but have a kind of subtle energy body, the we soul\" call, we can quite bring eye floaters (eye floaters) with the soul relating. \"The question here, is what we call soul\" understand. Most of us are Christian, and therefore, it may be strange to apply this term to MV. Because according to the Bible the soul is the whole person, including ego (Hebrew: nefesh, Gr. psuche/psyche, is anima) rather the individual equipment of the people. This is the reason why the soul in human form was portrayed in the European arts. The abstract MV have little to do.

But there was also the idea of the soul as an abstract principle in our culture. For some of the Greek philosophers (Democritus, Leucippus, Pythagorean), for example, the soul had to be spherical in shape and moving. You suspected such soul atoms\"not only in the body, but also in the air. Partly they are associated with the contains (see newsjuni2007) in conjunction, which they had to be always visible like the MV. In the Bible there is not only the soul but also the spirit (Heb.

ruah, Gr. pneuma, Latin spiritus). Spirit is the life-giving breath of God, i.e. a rather abstract principle of vital activity, or the inner spiritual power of the people. God is spirit, and the European middle ages and the modern times know God and soul performances in abstract spherical shape, as for example various pictures of the baptism of Christ and Mary's Ascension, as well as the paradise shows Jacopo Tintoretto and Dante Alighieri. \"Source: God as a concentric circle: Paradise\" by Jacopo Tintoretto, to 1579, oil on canvas, 143 362 cm.